Microsoft's free video editing software for use on Windows Vista

Microsoft's free video editing software for use on Windows Vista

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Windows Movie Maker Vista is a version of the popular Movie Maker program designed by Windows for computers running Vista. If you have a Windows 7 or Vista operating system, this program comes already installed and as part of the Windows Live Essentials package. Computers running a newer version of Windows can download a copy separately.

This is a nice program for beginners and those who want to make some basic videos at home. It works with most formats of videos and photos and allows you to change the format you use before exporting videos. The program is very easy to use too and is suitable for both adults and kids.

You have the option of searching your computer to find the video that you want to edit, but you can also use Movie Maker to capture a new video. The Edit Movie option lets you select from different video effects to give your work a professional look. It comes loaded with a number of transition effects for transitioning between different videos or photos.

With this program, you can even add your own credits to the end or title credits at the beginning to let others know that you created the video on your own. Though you can use Movie Maker with just one video, you also have the option of editing together videos to make one longer piece.

If you aren't familiar with video editing, you'll love that this program comes with some video tips for beginnings. Those tips teach you how to save your work and how to share it with others. You'll also learn how to edit shorter videos together and how to capture new videos. This section also includes practical information on adding transitions and special effects as well as credits.

The options menu includes a feature that lets you add your name as the author to each video that you make, which is helpful when uploading content to the web because it stops others from taking credit for your hard work. You can also set an auto save feature and tell the program how often you want it to save your work. This prevents you from losing a video during a power failure or a computer crash. You can also tell the program to open your most recent project each time that you launch it.

Windows Movie Maker for Vista and similar operating systems is one of the top programs for beginners who want to edit videos. It doesn't come with all the advanced features and fancy settings that others do, but it will help you create great videos with effects, transitions and even credits.


  • Easy enough for anyone to use
  • Features a number of transitions for use with photos and videos
  • Lets you change the format
  • Works with all the content on your computer


  • Doesn't come with many advanced features
  • Only works on older operating systems

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